After 25+ years, time to leave Verizon
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It always bugs me that wireless providers, as well as other companies, always value NEW CUSTOMERS more than their existing customers. All the great offers are for new customers and almost none for existing. I understand the luring concept but resent that I’m taken for granted.

so I’m thinking about playing their game. I can go to T-Mobile, get iPhone 12 pro 512gb with all unlimited and will be paying $80 per month fo 30 months. That’s $15 less per month than what I’m paying Verizon now with 4gb data and no phone.

im looking for a reason to stay with Verizon after 25+ years and other than some coverage benefits that don’t impact me I can’t find any. I’m hoping someone from Verizon sees this a gives a valid answer.

otherwise going forward I’ll be a new customer to the next best offer

Re: After 25+ years, time to leave Verizon
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We appreciate every single day of your loyalty with us and definitely don't want to see you leave. We understand the decision-making involved as all carriers have promotions that are geared towards adding new lines of service.
While many of our promotions do require activation of a new line of service; we do have some great deals on devices, overall. We understand that every promotion will not work for every customer but our promotions are always changing to meet all of our customers needs. You can stay updated on the latest offers, here:
You can also check account specific loyalty offers by signing in to your My Verizon account, and checking your ‘Notifications’ section for "My Offers". It is our hope that you will continue to allow us to serve as your wireless providers for many years to come.