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Well, thank God age-ism is still the last "ism" that's acceptable and people can get away with it because some staff at Verizon certainly indulge themselves with that prejudice. Two business days ago, I bought a Samsung galaxy phone from a Verizon in Vancouver, WA. I'm older. I've only previously owned iphones, my last was vintage, and so I bought an android. It's different than an iphone of course, and needed some assistance from the young staff. I had to go back to the store a few times. In addition, I wasn't able to get texts from my daughter's iphone. A few suggestions as to a solution were made - each time I went back, a new solution was posed. As I went back, every time the reception got a little cooler, a little snippier; a "superior" vibe was being tossed about, sarcasm was abundant on my last visit. Very much a turn off. These disgusting little attitudes are in alignment with grafitti. It's used by powerless people who resort to throwing shade when feeling uncomfortable. So uncool. Let me know if you want the address of this particular establishment. I'd be happy to provide.

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Paulamammen2015, this is never the kind of treatment we would want any of our customers to have when they go and visit one of our store locations. We want to make sure that you're getting the assistance that you might need with a new cell phone. Our goal is to make sure that happens. We do appreciate your feedback. Have you been able to get your text message issue figured out? Or are there still issues with that going on right now? -Kevin