Agent Assist Fee is not Customer Friendly

I do not understand the justification behind the $7 agent assist fee.  Do your agent's only get paid if they answer a question or why would you want to charge customers for customer service?

I understand that things can be done online much simpler and quicker but the fact is that you have a large percentage of elderly customers who simply aren't tech-savvy.  I am currently dealing with an issue where my elderly father has gotten behind on his bill and wanted to talk to an actual person about his options.  Each time he calls, he says he is being charged $7 to talk to a live person.  He is not able to go to the store due to COVID concerns and simply needs to make arrangements and get clarification over the phone.  I realize he shouldn't have gotten behind but life happens and with my mother being sick, he let a few things slip.  He's already on a limited income and you are wanting to charge him $7 just for trying to pay you???    You are charging him $7 because he can't use the internet and he can't go into your store.  I find this fee rather discriminatory and from a service standpoint, absolutely appalling.

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Customer Service Rep

beccabl, it's important to us that you have a clear understanding as to what the agent assist fee is for. That fee is for rep assistance for a payment of the bill or payment arrangement only. Customers can still call in and ask questions regarding their services same as before. Agent assist fees for payment or payment arrangements are standard practice for most cellular and other service providers. A customer has always had the option of making a payment arrangement via #PMT on their VZW phone and if they aren't tech savvy, they can do as I do for my elderly parents and allow someone to manage the account on their behalf in order to make specific changes online. An online account can be registered here: and an Account Manager can be added to his account via that online account as shown in question 5 here:*