Agents Added Items to Plan Without Approval

I couldn't find a way to leave a review, so I will leave this here. When my husband and I came to verizon to get our family plan with 4 lines set up, we thought we were all set! Well then, I started receiving almost a 250.00 + for my bill. I didn't think anything of it at first considering we got new phones (not the highest end phones but they weren't cheap. Turns out, I could of saved half the price on phones just by going literally anywhere else cause they are literally junk phones). After some time of paying these high end bills. I then decided to look into it. (Especially after friends urged me to look into it as my bill should NOT be that high.) Turns out, the agent who sold me these crummy phones, added a bunch of extra stuff to my phone bill, without my knowledge. I caller to sort it out and may have received a whopping 30 bucks back or whatever. Now, I received a notification that my bill went up 5.99. Now, I know 5.99 don't sound like much, but it's the principle and I don't want them to have any more of my money then I have to. So I chat in. Turns out, during my chat with an agent back in April, they added, without my consent a free trial of verizon cloud. They claimed I requested it via chat but I asked for proof and they couldn't provide me with any. I was obviously refunded the 6 bucks, but for real. This isn't right and others need to be aware of what's going on. Check your bills frequently people. Especially after you have an interaction with them.

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