Agreement violation

On August 9 my husband and I started new accounts with Verizon and each got an iPhone 11 as part of a buy-1 get-1 free deal for a 24 month two phone commitment. It was made clear to us that we would be charged for only one device payment for the duration of the agreement.

When we signed up in the Market Street, Corning, NY store we were assured by the store manager, Amanda N., that the BOGO deal would kick in after two billing cycles and we would receive a credit for the first two months overpayment at that time. However when this did not occur we stopped in the store and asked that it be addressed. Amanda assured us she would reach out to the account manager to have the issue taken care of.

After receiving another bill with no BOGO applied, we stopped back in the store in early November and Amanda told us the same thing. I.e. she would reach out to the Account Manager and take care of it. She also said she’d call me back with an update within a day or two. Amanda did not call back.

We received yet another bill in November and the BOGO deal was not yet applied nor any credit received. So I went back to the store again a couple days before Thanksgiving and checked with a different sales person. He checked in the system and agreed that we did have the BOGO deal and agreed we were in fact paying double. He said he was unable to fix it for us but would follow-up with Amanda and she would call me. Amanda did not call back.

The following week I went back to the store again and spoke with Amanda again. She said that she would submit the form and speak with the account manager and get it taken care of. She said it would done within a week and she would follow-up with a phone call. Amanda did not call back.

The following week (Dec 11) I called Amanda and she stated that she would reach out to the account manager and get back to me. Amanda did not call back.

Early this week I called again and went through the same thing again.  The only difference this time was Amanda had ‘lost’ my phone number and asked for it again. She promised to call back with an update the by Thursday. Needless to say, Amanda did not call me back.

Today, on Friday Dec 18, I called again. We had the exact same conversation. She promised to call me back today with an update after following up with the account manager. Needless to say…well you can guess as to whether Amanda called me back or not.

Meanwhile, another bill has come due this month. At this point Verizon cumulatively owes us $225 at the rate of $45 per month we are being overcharged. I need help in getting Verizon to uphold the agreement we signed.

Re: Agreement violation
Specialist - Level 3

An "account manager" is someone the owner assigns to make changes on their behalf. What this store is doing is lying. Don't waste your time with the store. Unless it's to make a sale, they couldn't care less what happens to customers.

The REAL way to resolve this is to call Care and have them submit a promotion escalation form so marketing can reimburse for missing discounts. Had this happen personally with my girlfriend's old phone missing credits for 5+ months. Finally caved in and called, it got corrected the following bill with all the missing credits.