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I am on a grandfathered in Alltel plan that i have had for many years. For the last 2 months verizon has been over charging me for their service. My bill went from $80 a month (which it has been for like 15 years) to $1000 a month (the last 2 months). I have called Verizon multiple times to correct the problem but they cant seem to fix it. Yesterday they shut my service off for unpaid balance ( i have continued to pay my regular monthly bill like my contract says!). Can verizon force me to change my plan to one of theirs? Because i feel like if thats the case then i will choose a different carrier for service. A cheaper one! Thanks for any help!

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allteluser1, we are truly sorry to hear about your experience. We value your loyalty and we never want to see you go. Making sure your monthly bill is reporting accurate information is vital. Allow us the opportunity to review the details. We have sent you a Private Message. Can you please respond to that message? Thank you.