An extra assist for a long time member

First let me say that I am NOT in my 1 year upgrade period. 

I typically am never one to ask for something outside of my agreement, BUT i absolutely hate my phone. I switch between android, and iOS every upgrade simply because it helps with my job to know both OSs. 

I reached out to customer service to see if they could help since i am only a couple of months away from my one year trade in. Politely the answer was no. Which is the right answer. I was just hoping that after 12 years or so, they might go above and beyond for such a small request. I thought maybe after that long i'd get  some kind of help.

Customer service was great, i just wish they had some back pocket card they could help a long time customer with.


For work i have a AT&T phone, we have had them for 5 years or so. We needed to do something similar for this plan, and it went a little better. 


I am not switching, but maybe develop a program other that rewards for starbucks, that help a customer with the primary need... A phone.

Re: An extra assist for a long time member
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Hi, DanBias. We appreciate your many years with us and are humbled by your continued interest in upgrading your often. To confirm, you may still upgrade before the 1-year period provided that 50% of the device payment is paid off as confirmed here: Let us know of this helps!

Re: An extra assist for a long time member
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The upgrade within a year only applies to Apple. If you have an iPhone, you can pay whatever the difference is that would have made a year and upgrade. If it's Android, you need to pay the agreement in full. I'd check to see if there are any trade-in promos you can utilize.

Above and beyond is typically for Verizon created mistakes, not "I'm not happy with this phone, give me another one." type requests. My account is a former Alltel one and my last phones were purchased outside of Verizon. I don't believe Verizon owes me anything or should anyone else just because they are a long time customer.