Android 11.0 Update Glitches

Please STOP forcing customers to update. Android 11.0 is not beneficial to me whatsoever. My notifications are now silent & I've been missing important messages despite my settings being correct. I also can't remove the "Galaxy Setup" notification from the top or the stupid "Samsung account" notification! If I call Verizon to troubleshoot, I'll be forced to reset my entire phone to its factory settings. Ridiculous! Fix it or I'm finding a new provider & a new phone! I'm over it! #VZWCustomerSince99

Re: Android 11.0 Update Glitches
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out to us. We apologize to hear that you are experiencing issues with your devices software. The manufacture of devices release these updates in effort to have the best preforming software. Please Feel free to meet us in a Private Note for assistance. We will stand by.