Another UPS Lost My Phone Story ...

Dropped my return phone off at a UPS store five days after receiving the return label.

After an email a few days later with a reminder to return, I checked the tracking. It hadn't moved since drop-off. Initiated a chat with VZ online and was told, "Don't worry, it'll turn up". I reiterated that it appeared to be lost.

A few days later, I received FIVE emails saying I'd be charged if the phone wasn't returned in two days, so I called. Same thing. "It'll turn up, and if you are charged, we'll remove it once it does". I again reiterated that it appeared to be lost.

Fast forward to a $600 charge appearing on my next bill. I called again. The agent tracked it via the number on the receipt. She could see I had dropped it off and said the charge would be removed as I had done the right thing. She tried to call UPS and said she had issues with the automated system not accepting the tracking number and couldn't get to a representative. She told me to go to the UPS store. The store employee said the driver probably pocketed it and to call customer service. Customer service said to call Verizon.

Seriously. How do I get this dealt with?

Re: Another UPS Lost My Phone Story ...
Customer Service Rep

We are sorry to hear about the experience you have encountered with returning your device. Making sure you receive a resolution is important. We are here to help. Please send us a Private Message for further review.