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I will start by saying I have been a customer since the 1990's. 

I tried calling the customer service line today to make a simple change to a plan. I called at 7am EST, 8am EST, 9am EST, 10am EST.  I also requested a callback. Every single time it says your customer service centers are closed. 

I swear if someone from verizon gets on here and asks me what number I was calling, I am switching providers - enough of the garbage. 

I also tried the chat service and after an hour of saying the same thing over and over, I was told that it would be 5-7 business days to fix the issue. 

This is completely unacceptable. If a real human being from verizon doesn't call me by 1pm EST time today, I am going somewhere else. I am using the services I pay a hefty penny for, and if they are unable to be rendered, then I have no other choices. 



You have my number, figure it out