Any customer support?

We signed up at Verizon on Tuesday evening 02/01/2022  because we needed home internet and cell coverage out in the Country. We went through a Cellular Sales Verizon store.

We've been chatting online (I assume to people not in America, Lie #1) non-stop and they can't help. Messaging through the ap and they keep asking what the issue is (I'll detail below). But holy moly we can't repeat ourselves like broken records 5 times per day.

The store looked up our location on the Verizon map. I looked and verified and it said we were out of 5g but would have good LTE coverage (which is what we were looking for) Lie #2.  They said we could get home internet Lie 3. I reiterated so many times that we better have signal. They swore that we would but if not they'd give us a booster as that's standard procedure(lie 4). 

So here we are with 1 bar if lucky, sometimes zero, and 2 bars about 5% of the time if standing in the perfect place. No customer support really. They suckered us into new phones saying our iPhones wouldn't work on Verizon system. We literally traded them in at 6PM and called the minute they opened the next morning and claimed the old phones were shipped away already( most likely lie #5) and no way out of the contract. No booster per chatting with tech. And it's a nice touch not giving details and then calling it a contract because you hit ok when paying with your credit card and THEN they print and give you the contract. 

We were told a real customer support person would call us but that was lie 6. 

Do I just wait and not pay the bill?  I'd assume not paying the bill will get someone to call at least. 

Re: Any customer support?
Customer Service Rep

@Pegintex ,

We're sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble after starting new services with us, but thanks for reaching out to us so we could go through those with you, as it looks like there's a lot more to discover here. From what you had shared, it sounds like the reps at the store gathered all of this information for you, such as what the expected coverage would be at your home: . LTE Home Internet would only be available at pre-approved locations, so did you check your address prior to visiting the store? This link provides you with that option: , although if you are in an area that doesn't provide the expected connection, that is where we have a 30-day return window.