Anyone had good device trade-in experience?
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I have two Samsung Galaxy S9. Around Christmas, I placed a trade-in order for two Samsung Galaxy S21. The new phones are on back order and estimated to be shipped around January 14.


My S9s can be turned on perfectly (I am using them now) and have no screen crack, so I was offered $800 trade-in value for each by a chat agent online which would make the new Samsung Galaxy S21 $0/month. 


After I have seen so many complaints here on trade-in:

Credit never applied, trade-in phone never found by Verizon, trade-in value greatly slashed etc. , I am hesitant to go ahead with the trade-in now. Does any one have good trade-in experience? Perhaps those who had good trade-in experience never bother to come here to praise Verizon's trade-in promotion?