Appreciation letter

I would like formally and sincerely to express my gratitude for the amazing work Mrs. Leslie Gillis and her line leader Mr. Hugh Coleman, did for me. I was having trouble with activating the esim line on my iPhone 11 Pro Max since I become part of Verizon family. In the past two months I was given different scenarios and none of them worked at all. Until the moment when Mrs.Gillis got the problem in her hands and find the solution. I think that people like Mrs.Gillis are great asset to your company and I wish more people like her are in the Customer Service business. She is passionate of what she is doing and definitely she is the perfect example of Verizon commitment and values as she is ready to go above and beyond in favor of the customer satisfaction. The job is well done and I can definitely say that Verizon is now one of my favorite companies to do business with. Once again I greatly appreciate what you did for me and please make sure that more people current and future customers, and employees hear what a great asset your company has in the face of Mrs. Leslie Gillis!

Re: Appreciation letter
Customer Service Rep

nnikolaev, thanks so much for this amazing feedback. It is greatly appreciated. I am so glad to hear your issue had been resolved. We thank you so much for being the best part of our family. Enjoy your day.