Are professors enligible for Teacher Discount

Verizon offers teacher discounts for K-12 teachers and college/university instructors. To get this discount you need to go through to verify your position. I am a professor in a college and verified my job in but could not get the discount. I called the customer service and the agent said it is because I do not have license. I believe professors in colleges and universities do not have license. So, if that is the reason why Verizon does not accept the discount, why does Verizon include term 'instructors in colleges and universities' in the information of the discount. 

Re: Are professors enligible for Teacher Discount
Customer Service Rep

Verizon recognizes the compassion, service, and hard work of all of those who serve in schools. Many Verizon employees’ spouses, family members, and friends also work with students, so we understand and are thankful for the contribution all educators make. We are restricted to offering this discount to those we can validate based on standardized, national validation that is compliant with government regulations. There may be other discounts you are eligible for through your school district or employer.


Have you checked to see if you can get a discount through your employer? Here is the link: