Asked to speak to a manager and get stuck in a never ended hold cycle.
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Verizon used to have great customer service but has that left the building. I called today to discuss a phone upgrade. One of those new customer get the good deal but 20 year customer like myself do not. The first representative I spoke too looked it over and said you know what, "We can do that for you." I was told she would have to transfer me to complete the transaction, but when the next rep got on the phone they said,  "No not going to do it. You need to do the iPhone 12 promotion." He then continued to try to force me to take the iPhone 12. I told him no multiple times and asked to speak to a manager and was hung up on. I waited a little while then called back. The next rep, Ramone, was rude and condescending and also tried to force the iPhone 12 on me. I asked to speak to the manager and was told none are available and he would have one call in 15-30 mins. Four hours later and of course NO call from a manager. So, I called back once more. I explained the situation to the new rep and he said ok, it would be a 5 min hold for the manager. I went back to work with the phone on hold. After an hour and 20 mins no one has picked up and I am still one hold. Absolutely ridiculous! None of the employees care, none of them give you the same information. This changes with each one you speak too. Bye Bye Verizon. It has gotten to be too much headache. 

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I've had a supervisor sit silent for 8 hours i.e they muted there phone they are no better than other there and ignore any complaint had one rep earlier waste 20 minutes doing nothing before hanging up

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You're not entitled to anything, neither am I or anyone else who pays for their cell phone service.

First rep was in the wrong for promising something that can't be met. Probably did so to avoid the conversation knowing it would lead to unnecessary escalation. Which brings the second rep and an unnecessary escalation. Unsure if sales pressure or explaining what is needed to qualify for a promo and you brushed them off. Details are missing to make a call on that one.

When you do an unnecessary escalation for something not there, you get treated with the same lack of respect as what was given. Maybe whatever promo discussed required the 12. At any rate, only thing we're entitled to as a customer is working service. Do online research to see what phone deals are out there. Last 2 phones I purchased were both outside of Verizon. Leave the CS lines alone for customers with actual problems.

Dunno why people think this let me speak to your manager Karen attitude is going to lead to a positive resolution.