Assumption of Liability - Order of Operations?

My (fully-owned) phone and phone number are currently connected to a family plan with a number of lines. Me and 1 other person on that plan would like to spin our phones and phone numbers off into a single new account. Neither of us are account owners or managers on the existing plan.

My "MyVerizon" account connected to this phone number currently logs in to the old account I'm trying to split off from. The "Transfer Your Service" webpage unhelpfully routes me back to a login page that just ends up at this connected MyVerizon account.

I'm trying to figure out what the correct order is in terms of spinning these 2 devices and numbers off into a new plan. Do I need to purchase the new plan first, and then transfer the numbers to that plan? Or can I trigger the Assumption of Liability process without having a separate account or plan set up yet?

If the latter, is there a way to make sure the new plan will have 2 lines so I can make sure both numbers can be transferred over? Also, is there a way to do this online, or would I have to go into a store?

I don't live near the current account owner, so we can't go into a Verizon store together to sort this out.

Re: Assumption of Liability - Order of Operations?
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The transfer of service has to be initiated by the current account owner before you can take over the lines. 

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