Asurion and Verizon
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I want to express how frustrated I with the horrid service I have experienced. I dropped my phone on 6/2 and filed a claim through the phone insurance I was sold by Verizon. I met with the repair guy and was told that Verizon was charging me for the wrong phone so they send me the wrong device for my repair. Then I pulled out my app and told him that was not the case and showed him my listed device. He tried to call Asurion and they told him to have me call. I call and they tell me it is a simple fix they just need to update the device. The tech leaves and reschedules for when they are going to have the new screen. Then they tell me that they can fix anything due to a system error and to call back the next day. I do and they tell me again same system error after 3 hours on the phone. Then they tell me they can't do anything because the technician has to close it. I texted him on the number he confirmed my previous appointment on and we both call them. He cancels the claim then they tell me it still isn't working and it is a system error again. I said no I'm not calling  back again tomorrow because the crack has caused my touchscreen to stop so now I don't have a phone while paying for the insurance and the bill. After another 2 hours of holds they tell me they are going to send me a new device for my 29.99 dollar deductible and that it will be shipped out next day so I should get it on Thursday or Friday at the latest.  I call back today still no phone and was first told I needed to hold while they checked my shipping information then he comes back on and said they never sent a phone and want to cancel my open claim and start a repair. Needless to say I was upset I ask for a supervisor and they tell me they have no records of me  calling and talking to anyone about a new phone then he tells me it was a communication issue and I misunderstood. I told him I was asked for my card information to pay the 29.99 and my shipping information and confirmed with the lady that they were sending a phone. He said they aren't sending anything and I can get rescheduled for a repair when I tried to argue he transferred me to   Verizon and he said they would be sending me a phone for my reduced deductible. Verizon was closed and I chatted with Verizon the night before and they told me they can't help me because Asurion is just a partner. I am considering leaving Verizon over the issue I have gone far to long for a phone that I pay for and keep insurance on. All Asurion wants to do is scam me and give me the run around. They just want to get you off the phone and they will lie to you to do it. I can't believe this is the kind of partner that Verizon wants to do business with. Then they had the nerve to ask me if they could offer me more insurance. 

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