Asurion is the most fraudulent company, I'm apalled Verizon continues this association. Time to leave
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After being with Verizon since 2008, I've decided it's time to leave. They continue to get more expensive (more than Google Fi) while associating their insurance offerings with the fraudulent Asurion Insurance Company. I have had insurance on all of my family devices through Verizon/Asurion since the beginning. When I started a claim on my 1 year old Samsung for a cracked screen today, (which is supposed to be covered for $29.00)..the fraud started. As many others have said or complained about all over the internet and within this community. Asurion immediately jumps to the replacement refurbished phone with a high deductible of $299.00 (in my case). The online claim gave me absolutely no option for repairing/replacing the screen, it defaulted to sending me a new phone. I reached out to them via chat on Social Media, after trying their phone line numerous times. I asked if there was a tech to repair the screen in my area, the rep refused to give me an answer. The rep (Angel) said I have to file a claim. I explained I already tried that online, but what I want to know is if there is a tech repair, in my area (they are notorious for saying it's only in certain areas, AFTER they get their hands on the phone). Then someone named Lando got on the chat, asked for my shipping address. Why? Why? Why? I once again explained I don't want a refurbished phone shipped to me, I want a local screen repair tech. Then I got an email with a new claim but I can't access it when I click the link. Then a rep named Rue got on the chat to say I should be able to access the claim since I filed it. Ha but I didn't file it. Ugh they are horrible. I don't want to pay $299.00 for one of their old refurbished phones.  I can switch right now to Google fi (better international coverage, less monthly with a cap rate or unlimited option), get a brand new s22 for $299.00 with their promotion. Why would I continue with Verizon/Asurion when they are notoriously fraudulent??