Attempting to port out from VZ Prepaid is giving me errors, even tho Account #, Transfer Pin, & Zip Code are 100% correct. What's the problem?!?

Had 3 lines under one VZ Prepaid account. Separated the 3 lines yesterday, so they each have their own, unique Account #s... their own unique 6-digit Transfer Pins.... and they all still share the same zip code.

Now I'm trying to signup thru another carrier's website... and it says that the account number and PIN/Password do not match. Nothing in the FAQ is helping me, other than some "hidden" function under MyVerizon that may or may not lock the phone. I've looked all over the MyVerizon app, the MyVerizon website, etc.... yet THERE IS NO "[UN]LOCK PHONE" FUNCTION!!!

What else can I possibly do?