Audio Drops
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I've seen this thread on here but no real solutions. I also couldn't add to the person who asked.

For years, I've had my audio drop during calls. I've also tried everything. Frustrating!!!!  Help.

It's definitely a Verizon issue. Customer for years- thinking of switching. 

K Legreid
Re: Audio Drops
Customer Service Rep

As a long-time and valued customer, your account concerns are our concerns too. Hearing that you're considering canceling your service would sadden us and we're here to help you in any way we can. We'd like to continue our partnership with you for many more years to come.  Let's continue working together.


Noting your reference to our community forum, please tell us more about the specific issue you're experiencing with audio during calls.  We've also noted that you've tried everything. We appreciate the troubleshooting steps you've already completed.


I know we can help you. Please tell us more about this matter. For example, how long have you been experiencing audio dropping during calls?  Is this happening while you're indoors, outdoors, or both?


What's the make/model of your mobile device? Have there been any recent changes to it? (e.g., software update, new apps downloaded, recent SIM Card change, etc.)



-Robert C.