Auto pay non-compliance fee
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I am being charged a $10 autopay non-compliance fee. Under my payment history it says the card I used to pay my bill early is a credit card, which it is not, it is a debit card. If a credit card is charged a non-compliance fee but a debit card is not then why when adding a new debit card is it lumped together with adding a new credit card?

Re: Auto pay non-compliance fee
Customer Service Rep

Djs9, seeing an additional $10 charge due to your payment can be worrisome. You can use a credit or debit card for Auto Pay. However, to receive a monthly discount you would need to use a checking/savings account or debit card. (refer to general information #1,#3& #4) What does the front of the card you used to process your payment show (credit/debit)? Have you contacted your banking institution regarding this card reflecting as credit?