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I saw that you get a $10/line discount on the unlimited plan if you sign up for autopay and paperless billing. I went through the steps to change to this plan, but after entering the checking account information for autopay the final screen before clicking to confirm the plan change does not show the $10 discount per line. I don't want to switch plans without this discount because my bill will increase without the discount.  Should the discount be displayed on the confirmation page? How do I know I will get the discount?

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I suppose you could just listen to people who have gotten it for the past x months in a row. Verizon does not place the discounts on your bill at the exact point in time you sign up. The bill has not been generated yet. Verizon does not know whether or not you will make changes prior to the payment actually taking place. I have received the autopay/paperless billing discount for the past couple of years at least. Verizon has recently instituted the policy that if you pay your bill early with a CC, your following bill will have a non-compliance charge on your account since the autopay did not go thru with a debit card/bank account.

If you don't trust that Verizon will give you the autopay discount, keep your old plan. You will not see the discount applied to your account until you actually make the payment. It will be stated on the next bill after it is generated, but not as a discount. The price for your unlimited plan will simply be $10 lower than the price without the discount.

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That is a great question, jfd62. It usually will not show the discount. What happens is that the plan is coded at the lower cost. For example, the Start Unlimited is $35.00 per phone line with the Auto Pay and paperless billing included. If you do not have Auto Pay or paperless billing, it will show as $45.00 per phone line. It does not show as $10.00 off, the whole pricing changes. The cost would also change depending on how many lines you have. If you have only 3 phone lines, the Start Unlimited is $45.00 per phone line with the Auto Pay discount. Without the discount it is $55.00 per phone line. You can see the facts in this link:


Another possibility is that you do not have Auto Pay set up properly. Try setting up Auto Pay before changing your plan. To get the discount, you will want to use a checking account or Debit Card. 


Please let us know if you have any additional concerns.


- ElizabethC_VZW

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I too setup the auto payment for my account after switching to an unlimited plan and I expected to see a $40 decrease in my overall bill but that did not happen. I already have paperless billing. What do I need to do?

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