Autopay doesn't work. No response from Verizon
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In September I thought I had enrolled in Autopay but then I received a text On October 11th that $96.04 was due immediately and $101.10 was due on 10/31 so I made an online payment for the $96.04 then setup Autopay.  I was surprised to get an email the other day saying my bill was past due, I thought it would be paid through autopay.  I logged in yesterday and made the $101.10 payment then once again set up Autopay for the 23rd.  I even screenshot the confirmation screen on my phone.  When I logged in today it says I’m not setup for Autopay.  Why is this not working?  I was trying to save $5 a month by signing up for autopay but instead its costing me way more in late fees.

I did the online chat (11/11/20) and according to the agent it wasn’t working because it was set up as “home banking” which I never saw that option and couldn’t find out how to change it.  The agent offered to remove the autopay so I could redo it.  I waited about 30 minutes with no response then finally logged in through my phone to re-enter the autopay information.  I got to the page that says “Congrats you’re enrolled in Autopay.  Your bill will be paid on the 24th of every month”  But then is shows on my account that I’m not enrolled in Autopay.  I spoke with a representative over the phone on the 11th who said they would set everything up manually and give me a credit for the late fees.  However, it never happened.  My bill didn’t get paid, so I had to manually pay it and no credit for late fees.  I did the online chat on the 24th where I once again setup the autopay that showed the green banner saying I’m enrolled but then my account says I’m not enrolled.  The online chat said I would get a credit for the late fees and a phone call at 3:30 PT so someone could manually set it up.  Well, that didn’t happen either so I’m back on online chat on 11/25/20.  Chat said it would look into it, well been waiting 20 minutes with no response.

Re: Autopay doesn't work. No response from Verizon
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Think should call again and let them know obviously something not right