Autopay information won't stick

I've set up Autopay three times.  After setting it up, the system sends me texts notifying me I'm past due.  I go in to my account again today and the Autopay information is gone.  I set it up using the bot in the chat support, finished the process, but it did not retain the info.  I tried again to set up Autopay  from the setup Autopay web page and completed the process, choosing one of my saved payment methods, and the result showed a banner that says I've set up autopay "on the th of the month" but again, the system did not retain the info.  What gives? 

Re: Autopay information won't stick
Customer Service Rep

Hi, there! We know how important it is to have your Auto Pay set up correctly, and we are here to help! Are you using the app to set up Auto Pay, or the website? Please confirm that you are following these steps: