Awful Customer Service
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I have had nothing but bad experiences with my Verizon Internet and Verizon cellular service.

Current issue:  I have one bar of reception everywhere in my house.  Phone-calls often are lost and voices are turned into "robots".  I called Verizon Wireless and they said I need to have the Verizon FIOS service and that will fix my problem.  I told them I already have it.  They then told me it's a FIOS problem and I need to speak with the FIOS department to fix it.  Whenever I speak with the FIOS department, they tell me it's a Wireless issue and I need to speak with the Wireless department.  I cannot get anywhere with this issue (or any issue).  This is not the first time this has occurred with Verizon throwing me off to someone else.  It seems like every issue I have, customer service tosses me to someone else because they can't pinpoint it or just don't feel like it.  Friends come over that have other services and their reception is fine.  I do not have time to continue being on hold, just to be left with the same issue.  This is beyond frustrating.


Previous issue:  I was receiving a horrible internet connection for a few years.  Every time I contacted Verizon, they told me I just needed to upgrade my internet connection.  I continued to have issues.  Every time I reported these issues, customer service just told me I needed to upgrade.  My connection is important due to my business and personal needs.  I upgraded around five different times until I had the fastest connection (which I currently have).  After being tossed around from multiple customer service agents for another week straight, one finally told me the installation agent must have not upgraded the wiring in my house.  That same agent said that Verizon upgraded my account each time, but never switched on the service to allow my house to receive more than 100 mbps (which was multiple upgrades ago).  A tech came out, fixed the wiring, gave me a new router and explained to me that Verizon messed up and owed me a refund for anything I was paying above what I was receiving.  I figured this out to be roughly $250.  I spoke with Verizon about this, was given the run-around, tossed between multiple agents and managers and not offered the refund even though they could see when I started to receive the speeds I was paying for.  They actually blamed me somehow. 

What do I have to do receive decent service?