Awful company and Employees
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This company has brought me nothing but problems. My phone does not work because I get SOS 10 days after the purchase of the account and phone. A phone call was made where I was told to wait and the case will be tracked. Upon waiting nobody had called me back. So I reach back out and come to find out the guy never made the case, never took any notes. So now I am told I have a phone issue, but I cannot return it because it is passed thirty days. So now I have a broken phone and have to pay for it even after mentioning to the first guy that I cannot wait long. While that was going on I tried to pay my bill on time, but kept having the money returned with a $30 fee because they cannot find my account. Unfortunately your staff is not aware of how you pay your bill online otherwise they would know that when you pay online you must log into your bank account. Hence you do not have to type in any numbers for the account. So what that comes down to is that your website does not input the numbers correctly to receive the money. Then blames it on me which I had never typed any numbers in. Your website is flawed to  leave your customers with no other choice, but to pay the fees that none of the employees mention when discussing and paying 2 more times with him on the phone. Now I have to pay extra money for a barely working phone. When still trying to fix my phone not working all the people mentioned in the tags never called me back on our scheduled callbacks, I found my account was messed with and now my bill is higher than what was discussed previously, my insurance was removed then added without my permission forcing me to wait another 30 days to file a claim. Nothing about this is acceptable for a company. This is disgusting behavior by the company and everybody in it. Please review the history of my calls and you will see the progression of frustration having to deal with YOUR COMPANY. This is getting to the point where I either have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a barely working phone or not pay and get sent to collections where my life will be ruined. If anybody has any advice about what to do with t

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We are always here to help address your issues, and your concerns directly! Can you please send us a Private Note in order to proceed!