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On November 29th, we called Verizon and spoke with Nica to upgrade 2 lines on our business account. She said that we would get $650 off an iPhone 13 Pro 128gb, and $450 off an iPhone 13 Pro Max 256gb by ordering them with renewing our 2 year contract (and keeping our old phones) and promised that they would be delivered by December 28th “at the latest”. Not having received either phones on December 29th, we called to follow up, and was informed that Nica BLATANTLY LIED about pricing, phone availability, and our WHOLE 45 minute long conversation and that she NEVER even placed the order. The only thing that Nica efficiently did, was immediately text us a “survey” to get a good review––which we completed––everything else she told us was a complete lie and misrepresentation. We were on the phone for 2 HOURS being tossed back and forth between April, Ange, and finally with Laura, (who was very condescending) only to be told that Nica completely lied to us and there was nothing she was willing to do about it. We have had a business account with Verizon for over 10 years and are extremely disgusted with the complete lack of customer service and wasting HOURS of our time for absolutely nothing. Though this type of treatment is unfortunately very common with big companies, we are compelled to leave this review and hope that it warns and helps those contemplating doing business with Verizon….since they have made it obvious that they don’t care about small business accounts like us.

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We always want you to have a great experience when contacting our Business Support team, jpme22! I'm so sorry to learn about what happened, and any miscommunication. I'm eager to help you, but we don't  have the ability to access business accounts in this forum. I would need to direct you to contact the Business Support team again, at 800-922-0204, or *611 from your Verizon phone.