BEST Verizon store = Arlington, MA

I had the best experience at the Arlington, MA Verizon store! Sam and James were excellent -- highly knowledgeable as well as friendly and easy to work with. I had struggled with an issue (call waiting wasn't working) for over 2 months and had spent over 4 fruitless hours talking with Verizon customer service on the phone. Within 15 minutes with Sam and James, they resolved the issue! What a sweet relief! During the multiple frustrating experiences with over-the-phone Verizon customer service, I began to think about switching to another carrier. Sam and James redeemed Verizon for me and made me like the company more. Big thanks to Sam and James! I can't praise them enough! 

Re: BEST Verizon store = Arlington, MA
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Usually working with a product with your own hands is 1000x easier than trying to figure out an issue over the phone.