BOGO/Verizon Issues- HELP!!!
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I have been going around in circles with Verizon and just so many issues.  They rush you off the phone or act like they know your concern and the problem gets worse.  Or they just don

Around  Nov 20th of 2020 I signed up with Verizon's BOGO Device Promotion.  I did not use either of the phones until December 11, 2020. 

I received a Nov bill for $309.07

These charges included;

$40.00 Activation for each line = $80.00

Monthly Device payments for each phone totaling = $79.30

Surcharges totaling = $23.18

$80.00 X 2 Play More Unlimited 5G UW (Nov 18 - Dec 17) 160.00 (Apparently this is the only eligible plan, I wasn't aware or would have never signed up.)

Monthly Device Promo Credit =  -$33.41

  > On Dec 11, 2020,  I did a phone number swap because I need that number for work.  

 > In January, I requested a plan change not realizing I had to keep the 160.00 a month unlimited or you lose the device promo credit. I am still better off I guess because now I pay 70.00 a month. $90.00 less.  I was only getting a credit of 33.41 so difference in savings is 56.59.

>In Dec 2021, my phone was stolen and I had no insurance, so I called to have the phone suspended but wanted to keep the phone on the account so I could just pay it off.   Without my consent they removed the phone anyway and it's information from my account and charged me 395.80.

I purchased a Verizon pre-paid phone and was using that temporarily until I could get my phone number swapped.  

In Feb 2022, I saw my bill was now $474.15 which couldn't be right.   I reviewed the Invoice and seen Device Payment Buyout Charge (Payments 15 - 24) (Agreement 1316036318) for $395.80.   I realized then they removed the phone that was stolen which I did tell them not to.

Called back and they reversed the charges for $395.80 my March 2022 Bill.

Verizon support techs could not retrieve the information from the phone I purchased with the BOGO Device Promo deal because the number was tied to that phone number  because someone removed it.

So they added one of my an old phones to a new line (now giving me 3 lines) so they could bring my Prepay to Post-pay.  They were able to bring the Prepay to Post-Pay but now charging me for a 3rd phone line I never used and just got removed.  I am seeking credit for the amounts they charged me for the 3rd line that they forgot to remove. 

I only had like less than 400.00 to pay for both devices and now my account is a mess!  Can one of your analyst please review my account from beginning to end and reimburse me for the charges I was charged due to their error.










Re: BOGO/Verizon Issues- HELP!!!
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Hello, Patricia_AZ. We want to ensure you receive the assistance you need to resolve this billing concern. We have sent you a Private Note to assist you further.