BOGO deal never went into effect
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I am so frustrated beyond belief. I purchased the iPhone BOGO deal back in December and realized immediately that the free phone credit was not applied. I called and was assured that it would take 2-3 billing cycles for it to show up and they would credit me for the months I paid. Well here we are and it is still not showing up. I have called numerous times and kept getting transferred to numerous people. My last interaction I spoke with someone from the retention team who escalated my situation and said he would call me back in 5-7 business days. Well never got the call back. I’m sick of calling and explaining the situation multiple times when this could be a quick fix. I was promised that if I didn’t get the credit by now everything can be manually fixed but yet nothing has been done!!!

Re: BOGO deal never went into effect
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Having similar issues, only mine started in October-November 2020.  I'm also seeing a lot of similar complaints on this forum.  I’ve written up a complaint that I will be submitting to the Better Business Bureau by end of next week if Verizon hasn’t fixed my issue by then.  Everyone having similar issues should do the same.