BOGO deception

I switched to Verizon 24 months ago, when the BOGO deal for the iPhone caught my eye., as well as a discount being offered as a first responder. through my employer. I activated three lines with one BOGO line/phone since I did not need a 4th line to get a second BOGO. No phone numbers ported, new lines, new customer. Last month I logged on to see when my last payment was due. I have been paperless billing for the entire time. I started looking over my bill. It showed the three lines but on my BOGO line it was not showing anything about that phone, Just the $55 for unlimited. The other two lines showed $55 each for unlimited plus the monthly payment on the phones. I started looking through the bill and to my surprise under account charges is a $29.16 monthly payment for the third phone. My BOGO line. The entire 2 years I have been paying on all three phones. I was NEVER given the BOGO deal despite being sold the BOGO deal. The other two payments are listed under each phone number. Sneaky and completely deceptive. When I called Verizon the lady said that it showed that two weeks after the phones were purchased there was a disqualifiyng event and it made my deal invalid. Despite not being able to tell me what that event was. She also could not explain why two phone payments were clearly shown/listed under the phone number but the third was in a completely different area, To be clear I made ZERO changes to the account from day one .. to this day not one change has been made.. The lady told me on the phone she could not explain to me what happened but that I must have done something, (in a very professional way, she was very polite) She told me she would have a supervisor call me (With Covid situation one was apparently not available) I have yet to hear from anyone. So yes BOGO is a total deceptive mess and apparently my fault. My fault that I did not pay closer attention to the bill yes but I was scammed by Verizon and the BOGO deal with no clear answers. 

Re: BOGO deception
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You should check your bills regardless of paperless/autopay status. I have my Verizon bill set this way, same for my internet bill and these get checked.

Second, a BOGO will always require a second line to be valid. You're not going to get 2 BOGO deals with 3 lines, this mathematically doesn't work. Requirements for these require at least one of the pair to be a new line or a port in. Some BOGO deals even require a specific plan to qualify.

If you qualified and haven't received your credits, a CS rep can fill out the necessary paperwork to fix this. Not checking your statements isn't Verizon being deceptive. A CS rep isn't going to know customer #4,033,971 is missing their promo. It's up to us as the consumer to keep track of our own bills.

Re: BOGO deception
Customer Service Rep

SPAZ4, we sent you a Private Note to continue this conversation in private and verify some information regarding this BOGO offer.