BOGO offer not honored
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Purchased two new iPhone 13 Pro phones in February 2022 on a BOGO offer for new Verizon customers (with 24 month device payment agreement). Over the past 8 months(!) I have unsuccessfully tried to follow up with the company to understand why the credit has not yet been reflected on my bill. In addition, other smaller but still annoying credits for incentives like 30% off accessories I bought are also no where to be seen. It's fine if it takes a few billing cycles to register  but 8 months - my patience is now long gone. For the first few interactions with customer support no one was able to locate/confirm anything related to the offer and just left it with "it can take a few billing cycle to be reflected on your bill".  Recent chats magically disconnects or the rep simply stops responding when they are not able to find a solution. 

It's beyond unacceptable for a company to advertise an offer and then not keep any records to ensure the offer is honored.  

This seems to be a recurring thing from other complaints. It's truly unbelievably poor customer service and likely in some way illegal. it's certainly won't result in many verizon customers speaking positively about their experiences!  

Any suggestions for how to best navigate this toward a solutions are highly appreciated! 




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Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out to us. We know how important it is to get a resolution with regard to your promotion, and I apologize this has not happened before now. I will be sending you a Private Note, so we can take a look into this for you. Please keep an eye out for it.