Bad 4G and 5G Coverage
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Over last 6-8 months my data coverage/service at work has been horrible, dropped calls, data being super slow to non-existent, etc,.  This happens inside and outside.  My office is located in the middle of town, so there shouldn't be any issues with accessing either 4G or 5G.  I was told to turn on just 4G with my cell data, but even that isn't working and I shouldn't have to limit my phone to 4G when 5G is now nationwide and I'm in the middle of town.  Verizon, you need to finally do something about this.

Re: Bad 4G and 5G Coverage
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As a customer myself, I realize it is critical to get service you can depend on. This is what we want for you, and I am sorry if this has not been your experience. What ZIP code is this happening in? Do you know other Verizon users with this issue, near this area? Thanks in advance.