Bad Area Signal Not Device Specific

I have have had a signal issue in my area for the last month. It affects all phones on Verizon service, regardless of the phone type for anyone who comes over. We don't get so much as LTE and never 5G. I have put in four tickets and received text notifications back each time (seemingly a little too quickly) that the signal in our area is acceptable. Diagnostic sessions have been run my phone when I'm not even in our area. Not one single person I spoke to has called me back to follow up although they assured me they would. I don't think Verizon is taking this seriously. Simply because other people may not have the time to sit on hold for an hour each time and discuss the issue is not a reason to dismiss a long-term customer. We had this problem several years ago and it was fixed, however it is now a problem again. For what we pay every month we should have good service instead of calls not connecting or disconnecting. Nobody can get so much as an LTE or 5G signal here either- we have to drive out of the area. This is unacceptable. Is there a number we could call to actually speak with management in technical services? I've wasted over 4 hours in the last two weeks being given the runaround or talked down to with customer service and technical services. I would rather not go into more detail than I already have publicly. Thank you. 

Re: Bad Area Signal Not Device Specific
Customer Service Rep

We want you to have the best signal possible. I understand you've been addressing this concern with a ticket being filed only to be notified the service is working as expected. What we can do is provide you with troubleshooting steps to provide you with the best experience possible.