Bad Sales Experience and iPhone Return Process Questions
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It's a long story, but I upgraded to an iPhone 12 Pro. The sales rep mislead me on the trade-in and use of my Verizon Up reward points. She told me that after activating the new device I could use the reward points to pay for part of the device (not true) and the trade-in would lower my bill via a monthly credit (not true). When I called to verify these "promises" I was told a trade-in was never processed, and reward points were only usable at the point of sale. In other words, the sales rep sold me an iPhone w/ no deals attached. 

So, the phone was more expensive than expected and I had no recourse. Therefore, at the guidance of a Verizon customer care rep, I sent the iPhone 12 Pro back to Verizon for a refund. The rep told me to send it to the returns processing center in Texas (the "from" address on my shipping label for the original shipment). The rep did not provide an order number or return label for this return. In other words, there is no return in the system when I call Verizon. I shipped it back on a Wed and it arrived on a Friday, so I'm wondering about the process from here. 

How long does a return process take? Does it include weekends? 
How does Verizon identify my device w/o an RMA or return label?  Will they know it is mine? 

I am a bit skeptical, and do not want to be charged for a phone I do not have. The phone is still on my account with a balance due, even though it's back with Verizon (or at least arrived at the warehouse). I have no phone in the meantime, and really need to get one, and cannot until the iPhone 12 is removed so I am upgrade eligible. 

Please help. Thanks. 


Re: Bad Sales Experience and iPhone Return Process Questions
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Hello, esilbe1. It worries us to hear of everything that occurred in regard to the upgrade. It is very important you have a phone as soon as possible, and that you receive any discounts and promotions available. We have sent you a Private Note to better assist with this matter.   DavidR_VZW

Re: Bad Sales Experience and iPhone Return Process Questions
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welcome to verizon....the new comcast of customer service.


upgrade and sales bait and switch seems to be a tactic verizon relies on.