Bad Verizon coverage in Goleta, Ca

I would really like to find out why Verizon service has gotten so bad in Goleta over the past couple of years? I read through some posts and costumer service replied always asking for information and even said that they don't receive enough complains about the service, however it is a widely known fact that coverage is way down. Especially around the Fairview area, the only thing working is texting. Phone calls are dropped and if you want to search anything unless one can link into wifi from a business, nothings happening! I highly doubt that Verizon hasn't received enough complains about it! It is even worse in the neighborhood behind Meiner's Oaks ( Valdez Ave and all cross streets to it) calls are dropped especially inside homes, and yes I turned on WiFi calling! It is not helping much. 

It seems to me all started a short time after the Hill fire and I'm wondering if a Verizon tower was damaged during the fire and Verizon just never did replace any of it????

I'm now to the point that I'm looking for a different provider because it has gotten so bd that I can't trust "my phone " anymore and I need it because I'm on call for the hospital in town and need to have reliable service and Verizon unfortunately can't provide that any longer.