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Bad customer service at a new store

Let me start by saying that I have been a customer for years now.  I think the service is great and the Verizon store that I have always gone to had awesome customer service.  Recently a new Verizon store opened near my house.  I was excited because the other store is a good 20 min drive and this one is closer and only about 5 min away.

I went into this store on 9/13/19 and pre-ordered 2 new iphone 11 pro max phones.  I asked the lady when to expect the phones and she said that I would receive them on launch day (9/20/19).  I was surprised because when I got the original iphone X, it took weeks.  She said the order is already processing and it will be her next week on launch day.  So I was excited.

On 9/20/19 my orders showed as still processing (not shipped).  When i went into the order details, it said that it was estimated to ship on 9/27/19.  I decided to stop by the store while I was out running errands.  I talked to a guy this time and asked if I received a text.  I said no and explained to him what I was told at the time of purchase.  Without looking at my account he said "We will call you when it gets here.  It could be tomorrow, Wednesday or a week from now.  We don't know when they come in." 

I was kind of irritated because I was assured they would be there on launch day.  However I understood that it could take longer.  So not a huge deal.  I just kept monitoring the order status.

Yesterday the order status changes to Shipped.  It was estimated to be there today (9/25/19).  So I was excited and kept an eye on the tracking information.  Finally Fedex showed the order was delivered at 2:51pm today.  

I still hadn't received a text or a call.  So while i was out and about I stopped by the store a little after 5pm to see if I could pick up my phones.  The same guy was there that I talked to last Friday.

The first thing he asked me is if I received a call or text.  I said "No, but it says the order was delivered here today".  He said that it was not delivered and the Fedex drivers lie and say orders are delivered so they don't get in trouble.  He said it will probably be here tomorrow.

I said "Are you serious?  They just lie like that and then deliver it the next day?  Even though it says it was delivered?".  He said yeah it happens all the time.

So.. I was fine with everything up until he told me this.  I would have understood if they were delivered but had not been processed yet and therefore they could not give them to me yet. 

Instead he told me that Fedex lied about delivering them and I will "probably" get them tomorrow.  I really find this impossible to believe.  Maybe I am wrong, but that seems like a huge issue if Fedex can just lie about deliveries.  Also he never once looked at the computer and only glanced at my phone when i showed him the Fedex order status.  

I think it was just laziness and poor customer service.  I won't be going back to that Verizon store after I get my phones (if I ever do).  I just find the whole experience weird and dishonest at that store.

Re: Bad customer service at a new store
Specialist - Level 1

Stores don't do customer service. If it's not a sale, you're not getting anything done.

Re: Bad customer service at a new store
Customer Service Rep

Rshot, I sincerely apologize for the experience you had in our store location. This is unacceptable and I want to make sure we turn this experience around for you. I have sent you a private message for further assistance.