Bad reception from day one

I have been with Verizon for a bit over 2 years. Reception has always been bad. I live in the second highest point in FL, not in the middle of nowhere. I have towers with in a quarter mile and still get one bar. Data I just checked and I am getting 1.51 down mbps and 0.88 upload. Ridiculous services. Then they have the guts to tell to upgrade my plan. No. How about improving services and actually full filing your end of the deal by providing the service I am paying for. 

Re: Bad reception from day one
Customer Service Rep

We are sorry to hear you are having issues with your service, Ineedanswers1. We know how important it is to have reliable service. We can certainly look into this further and see what is causing this problem. Is this issue happening indoors or outdoors? Is anyone else having the same problem?