Bad service, worse customer service

Had a bad storm a few days ago, and my phones will not call out within a 5-mile radius of my house and Wi-Fi calling doesn't help out either. All of my other devices work fine through the Wi-Fi. I called Verizon and they want to charge $100 to come out to "optimize" my cell phones. Has anybody else dealt with this? The support agent kept pushing the issue and mentioned something about their tower being damaged, then hung up! 

Re: Bad service, worse customer service
Customer Service Rep




I hope you're safe from the storms, and by the sounds of it, the signal was impacted, and I sure do know how that is. I've been through something similar myself. I am happy to help and make sure you get the top-notch customer service you deserve. 



What is your signal strength currently? What speeds are you getting? Please use this link to test: and share the results with us.