Bait and Switch - Verizon Wireless

I have been a Verizon Wireless Customer for over 23 years.  I most recently shared a 2GB plan with my family for $76 per month.  I received notification in June 2022 that the plan was going up to $88 per month.  I called Verizon to discuss options and they convinced me to move to a 5G Start Plan, one for each line.  I could trade in my iPhone 11 Pro for $800 over 36 months, also receive a Military Discount, and a 55 plus loyalty discount all for right around the $88 per month amount.  I said ok lets do it.  Well after the dust settled and almost 30 days later, I am told I cannot get the 55 Plus Discount and that my monthly amount will be $123 per month.  In addition, my bill is automatically charged to my credit card every month.  That does not count as autopay and a $20 discount.  They want a debit card, checking account, or get the Verizon Credit card.  I have talked with multiple Verizon Customer Service Representatives, and they all apologize that I was given wrong information. Now if I want to cancel, I need to pay for the new iPhone 13 Pro in total.  

I am retired on a fixed budget, as well as being 23 years loyal customer and they don't care.  Sorry you got wrong information.

I think it is time for a change.

Re: Bait and Switch - Verizon Wireless
Customer Service Rep

We are very sad to hear that you were not given all the correct information, iEscaped. We don't want to lose you as our customer. Were you told why you could not get that plan you were offered? 


Also, have you checked out our new Welcome Unlimited plan?