Bait and switch to upgrade to a new phone

This has been the worst experience I have ever had. When I called to order my new phone. Verizon had two promotions going. One was to pay off my old phone and the other was to give an $800 bill credit. I asked the lady when I was ordering my phone and she told me I could do both. After I got my phone and sent back my old phone. The payoff was there but no bill credit. So I called several times and each lady I talked to stated the would fix my account to show it. Well it never happened. So I called back again and than I was told they won’t do both promotions it’s one or the other. Not like the lady said when I ordered my phone. So I asked for a supervisor and she said she would look into it and gave me a time when she would call back. 5 days went by and still no call. So I called back and they told they will not do anything about the bill credit. This is the worst costumer support I have ever seen. The supervisor told sorry. Now I am stuck with a phone and a watch on a carrier that lies to you just to get you to upgrade to a new phone. She than told me I can take them both back to the Verizon store with the boxes and return them. After this experience. I don’t know what to do. 

Re: Bait and switch to upgrade to a new phone
Customer Service Rep

This is concerning to hear, let's take a look into this with you further. Please send us a Private Note.