Being Billed for Insurance After Cancelling
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We called Customer Service on July 8th to cancel the mobile protect insurance on our phones on July 8th and just received our next bill showing the insurance charge for Jul 17 - Aug 16.  We called Customer Service/Billing to get it straightened out and just got one runaround after another.

First, the customer service rep told us we would have to pay it now because the bill had been issued and get a refund the next bill.  When we said we shouldn't have to pay it because we cancelled well before the billing date, his solution was to send us to his supervisor.

The supervisor first tried to give the same company line about the bill already being issued.  When asked why we should have to pay for their mistake, her response became a convoluted series of excuses.  First she claimed there was no record of us calling on July 8th - even though we have the record on our Verizon phone showing we called on July 8th 5:25pm  and notes that we talked to someone named Rebecca stating the insurance was cancelled.  Her only explanation was that we must not have called as she couldn't find the record.  She then said she did have an entry from a store on July 11th but no details as to which store or what was done at the store.  She had no response when we told her we had not been at a Verizon store for some time.  Then she said the insurance wasn't cancelled until July 18th and we would have to pay it even though it was 10 days after we had cancelled and 7 days after the mysterious store visit.  Again, no explanation as to why it wasn't cancelled until July 18th.

How do we file a formal complaint with Verizon as we should not have to pay for their mistakes?  We plan on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as the FTC.  We have been with Verizon for years, and this is the worst customer service we have ever seen.

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Customer Service Rep

We never want any charges on your bill that you did not agree to. We'll send you a Private Note so we can get to the bottom of this.