Being charged an extra device payment plan for a device I do not have, unable to resolve through "customer support"

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S22 back in March to upgrade from a Galaxy S9. Since I got the new S22, my bill has had an extra device payment plan for a device I do not own. I have three device payment plans but only two devices. The extra device payment plan has no details on what it is for and is not tied to a phone number, it is just an extra charge on my bill. I have opened several of the support tickets and the issue is never resolved, they tell me to wait until the next billing cycle, or continuously ask for more details and then close the ticket without anything being resolved. I tried to call the Verizon support at *611, and got through to somebody that was totally clueless. The person I spoke to on the phone who was supposedly the Verizon support told me that they are "going to do their best to contact Verizon" to resolve the payment dispute and that I should once again wait until the next billing cycle.

I have been unable to resolve this issue through the Verizon support. Is there an email or different support phone number I can contact to get this extra device payment plan removed from my bill and get a refund for the payments I have already been charged?

Re: Being charged an extra device payment plan for a d
Customer Service Rep

Hello MarkVs22! We're sorry to the trouble, and we'd love to help you resolve this situation. Please reply to our private note to get started. ~Aaron