Being charged for an extra phone that VZW sent me (that I returned).
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I don't know what else to do. This has been going on for eight months now and it needs to stop.
In January, I switched from Sprint to VZW (huge mistake, it seems).
I worked with a phone rep to order two new phones. She told me something went wrong with the order and we needed to start over.
We started over and completed the order.

We received the new phones in the mail and activated them.
After a few days, two additional phones arrived (I'm guessing it was the cancelled order that processed).
I called a rep and they told me I could return them using the packaging from the delivery. I asked if I could pack them both in the same box, and she said yes (I think this was a mistake).

Weeks later, I get a separate bill for $1100. I called back and the rep said that they only received one of the two phones. They opened an investigation and it was not resolved. 

I've called and talked to 8-10 reps and have spent dozens of hours on the phone and have received several phone calls and letters for this bill. I tried working with your debt collection partner (MR Associates) and even talked with a supervisor who also cannot figure this out. Look up the serial or EID and figure it out.

To add insult to injury, I was just double charged for two Gizmo watches. Wow.

Verizon - PLEASE stop wasting my time, stealing my money and damaging my credit. Your warehouse received both phones. I DO NOT have it. Please remove this charge and stop harassing me or I'll be forced to contact an attorney.