Beware of Trade-in! They have thieves...
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Do no trade in store. Do not trade without written proof that it was received. Beware of these programs!

I purchased my new phone with a sales representative over the phone, and picked it up at a local store. The sales representative told me I could make my trade while I was there, so I did.

Under most circumstances I would never write on a forum, but I found out today that my trade-in from 02/13/2021 was stolen and never applied to my account. 

To make matters worse, someone else traded it in (at the same store!) last month. A phone that I purchased brand new, and never left my possession until I walked into the South Lakeland Florida store. Conveniently, their store cameras only record 30 days - and it has now been 5months. Because I traded it in store and was given no confirmation I'm now out the $600 device promo. 

I've chatted with customer service several times trying to get an answer in the last couple months, all of whom told me there was no issue. HA! Today, I not only learn that yes there is an issue, but I will NOT receive the promo because someone stole my phone from the store. Supposedly, their store team didn't log that it was received even though I stood at the counter with 2-3 representatives while they wrote down the trade-in information, getting the ID number etc. And then they had the nerve to ask if I gave it to someone to take?! 

Customer of 20 years, not one customer service complaint - I will be seeking legal counsel because I cannot be the only one this has happened to. 

Re: Beware of Trade-in! They have thieves...
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We want to ensure you get the assistance you need with your trade in concerns, ASAP, TifanyB85. Please send us a Private Note at your earliest convenience. We are standing by to help!