Beyond fustrating!! Will switch once I can!!

Being laid off in June my account fell behind and Verizon has been very understanding about that, I recently started my job around the end of Oct. I had spoken with an agent about coming up with a payment plan to avoid service interruption. They then told me that I would have a $200+ payment due on the Saturday at the time, and another payment the following Saturday for the same amount and then 2 weeks after that another amount is to be paid-these I was told were all going to be on Autopay (we repeated it back and forth making sure we both were on the same page), the first one came out on autopay, but the one due 11/20 turns out it didn't. I didn't realize this until 11/24 when I tried to use my phone and wasn't able to. To make it worse on 11/23 I received a call from my bank about suspicious activity which led to closing my card and the agent ordering me a new one. I explained to the agent what i knew from my account and then what had happened with my card and that I couldn't even call my bank to get my account info since my phone didn't work.


Now this isn't the first time my service is interrupted but the fact that if the service is interrupted and you have any questions it is nearly impossible to speak to an actual person. The support chat via SMS is (up to a certain point) no help. The online chat is no help when service is interrupted. I reached out via SMS and called the number the agent provided me several, several, SEVERAL times informing the agent the automated system kept disconnecting the call, they advised me to schedule a call and I provided screenshots of the error I was getting. I called the direct line they had given me and same problem. I spent 11/24 trying to get a hold of someone on the phone about my account throughout the entire day!! I asked agents if they could schedule a call and nothing, I asked the agent if they could have someone from the financial dept give me a call since I'm unable to get a hold of anyone. To which the agent told me that they don't have the ability to reach out to the financial department. To which I asked if he was really serious about one company with various depts not having any way for depts to communicate with each other and to which they said yes he has no way of reaching out to someone.


it's 11/25 and my phone STILL doesnt work, all because of an autopayment that wasnt pulled from my account like I was told it was, not only that BUT ADD ON A $20ea RECONNECTION FEE FOR 2 LINES, AND THE ADDITIONAL $10 FEE THEY WILL CHARGE when you finally get to an agent and they have to do the payment etc for you. Verizon is getting out of hand. To charge a fee for having an agent assist you when they are the only option....

I do well remembering the agents are doing their job but there has to be more than what is being offered?? and when I send screenshots to a new agent that explains what happened and respond with "did you try paying the bill online" to which I had to resend the screenshot I sent and circled where it said why i couldn't pay and my problem.