Billed for a cancelled order
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Has this happened to anyone else? I ordered a S22 Ultra online with next day in-store pickup. About 30 minutes later, I thought better of it and cancelled the order. Received an email that said the order was cancelled and I'd receive a refund of money paid. However, I'm still being billed for the phone on Installment Billing (placed on the line when I ordered the phone) and I have yet to receive a refund on the tax and upgrade fees I paid. I cancelled the phone about 30 minutes after I ordered it and now Verizon appears to be charging me both monthly as well as keeping my money paid--for a phone that I never got. We've been with Verizon since 2005---looks like it's time to move on. 

Re: Billed for a cancelled order
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for such detailed information. We certainly will do everything we can to get this resolved for you. We're sorry to hear that the In-Store Pickup  resulted in the order being canceled. 


Typically, the credit refund is applied quickly. I apologize for your inconvenience. Please check with your banking institution to see if you've received the credit refund. Please let us know, as we'll investigate further for you if needed. 

-Robert C.