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I cancelled an order 12/14 11:30am and was told I called in time for it to not be sent because it hadn't left the warehouse and I would not be charged. I was charged for the phone and that evening at 9pm FedEx picked up the phone. I thought what the heck I'll keep the phone but it got returned to sender on it's final stop before delivery and I called to see if it could get sent to me but was told it was cancelled and there wasn't anything to be done and if I wanted to have a phone I needed to purchase a new one(keep in mind I already paid for the I cancelled). I called and confirmed twice that I would not be billed because I didn't receive the phone and was told no each time that once they received the phone it would cancel and I'd get returned and since I never received the phone it wouldn't be activated. Fast forward to today and the phone was received in tx this morning at 10:08am and this evening I got a bill for the first months bill. I called and the lady on the phone told me that my order wasn't cancelled even though it was received and they have to call the store to confirm but their records show it was received by them. I don't know what to do anymore because I've called ten times since starting this process and each person has told me information that's been proven to be incorrect and I do not want to be stuck paying for the service or an early termination fee if I'm kept on this loop of calling getting stuck on hold and still being unable to cancel this stupid mistake I made. I do not understand how a company can get away with these mistakes and blame it on the "computers" and not make anything right. How is my service activated i.e. being billed for first months service if I never received the phone? Assuming I can get it cleared up and cancel my service/phone will that make the bill they sent me already null or am I stuck paying that?

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Borchc, I'm sorry to hear about the current situation regarding your order, and I'd like to help. To clarify, are you a new or existinng customer with Verizon Wireless?


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