Billing Dispute
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My Verizon bill is high. I tried explaining Verizon customer service teams of some honest misunderstanding and how challenging times are. 

They have charged me over 550 USD for international calls - I am usually on a global calling plus plan for 15 USD and have been on that plan for almost all months since I have been with Verizon. For some reasons, the plan got activated, deactivated, activated and again deactivated. Now I am left with a bill which I can't afford. Verizon knows it is an honest misunderstanding and could have chosen to help me if they wanted to.

They are not willing to offer any help. The total bill if I include taxes  and normal charge is over 800 USD.

I expect they will try helping me but I am unable to even take my grievance to someone senior. I am not saying Verizon customer service team is not polite, they are but they offer no real solution to me and demand that I pay such a high bill which I can't. I know people keep saying pay the bills on time but one can't pay such a high amount which is 8-10 times higher than what I pay. I don't have that kind of money and what I expect is for them to help me out.

I need suggestion on what is the best approach here. I am unable to even get a confirmation if I send a normal old fashioned letter, will they deliver it to management ? How can I get resolution to the complaint.


For many 800 USD is small amount, for me it is not. Hence do suggest accordingly. I have been trying to get this sorted via phone, message, Facebook messenger, chat and almost everywhere possible but so far no solution and no willingness to listen to my grievance. 


I hope Verizon forum members advise me on what can be done

Re: Billing Dispute
Customer Service Rep

We're disappointed to learn you have already reached out to us multiple times and still have not been provided with a resolution, Saurin212. I would have trouble paying a high bill as well, and we want to ensure these charges are looked into. Please reply to the Private Note that is sent to you.