Billing Issue - charged twice

I went online to get 2 phones for my wife and I.  We went thru the whole process and the sales rep promised (I have chat proof) that we would not get billed and have 48 hours to decide on commitment.  We weren't ready yet because we wanted to hold the iPhone SE to be sure that's what my wife wanted.  I filled out credit app, credit card form, and then the sales chat rep, Cody, billed me for $47.85.  I talked to 6 different people, and sales sent me to support, and support sent me to sales.  Finally we gave up and went to a store to get 2 phones.  Since the phone numbers we had thru the online sales were "locked up" we could not use our previous phone number.  So now, Verizon has collected $47.85 for the online sale which I never authorized, and is charging us EACH $40 activations since we had new lines.  This is a terrible first experience with Verizon.  They should not charge us for these $40 activation(s) and also should refund the $47.85 since we never authorized the online sale.  Does anyone know how to communicate with Billing issues like this?

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Customer Service Rep

I have sent you a Private Note to further discuss the situation at hand. Looking forward to hearing back. -ChrisM_VZW